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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Tailormade Vietnam Holidays would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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"Great service does not just happen. It requires a spirited attitude and desire to exceed customer expectations. Your input provides us with the information needed to ensure that we constantly meet and exceed your expectations. We welcome your honest evaluation of our service"


Hi Nguyen Trong Pham,

I have always wanted to go to Vietnam and now have done so twice.

The first time was 27 August /10 September 2011 with four of us on tour, (Mike, Jeff, Ron & Robbie) recommended by mutual friends "the Stephens" from Bethanga , Victoria (see testimonials) and the tour was arranged by Mr Nguyen Trong Pham, (Vietnam Spirit Tours) in consultation with Ron by email. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour arranged, nothing was any trouble with unexpected changes on our behalf. The drivers and guides were friendly and courteous at all times answering all our questions and stopping for photo shots when asked to do so. The hotel accommodation was up to expectation with friendly staff. The only extras we had to pay for was external fights, a few meals and gifts. The only criticism was the continual planed stopovers at predetermined workshops where you were thought to be obliged to buy something.

The second trip was from 16 October/ 7 November just two of us this time Mike & David touring Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia, again arranged between Pham and myself. We spent time in Saigon, the Mekong delta, Da Lat, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Sapa. We then flew to Vietiane in Lao then onto Luang Prabang and then Siem Riep in Cambodia. There were many highlights on this tour, too many to mention, again with friendly drivers and guides and great hotel staff. I was re acquainted with some guides I met on the first trip namely Tam (pillion motor bike tour in Hue) also Huy (our guide around Hanoi and Ha long bay), hi to both of you. I would Like to make a special thank you to our lady guides Sam in Sapa and Samnang in Siem Riep and Angkor Wat etc who went out of their way to please us making sure we were comfortable throughout our tours with them, words cannot describe how helpful they were.
The only criticism was coming off the train from Sapa to be booked into a nearby hotel (New Moon) early in the morning. Then driven back to the previous hotel Tirant at 9 am where we stayed before In Hanoi, our room was not ready as checkout time in Asia is mid day. I would have paid the difference to be booked into the Tirant and move in straight from the train trip.This deviation was not mentioned on our itinerary.
Overall we had a great time with your company and would recommend you to any further traveller. Once again, thank you Pham. We are planing our next trip if you can accommodate us.

Mike Graham
David Nikolic
Khancoban 2642
NSW Australia


We wanted to write to you to tell you thank you for organizing such a wonderful tour for us! You did everything we wanted, and even more, and we were very pleased with all that you organized.

We also enjoyed your country and your wonderful people very much. We came away with warm feelings for the Vietnamese people and thanks to your organization and proposed activities we have some understanding of your wonderful, ancient and rich culture.

If we get an opportunity to visit again, and we would like to very much (Central and South next time) we will certainly use your Company to organize everything for us. We will also tell our friends about Tailormade Vietnam Holidays. We had not one single disappointment and everything was perfectly executed, on time, and efficient.

From all of us to all you, our BIGGEST THANK YOU!! You made the whole trip wonderful, comfortable, educational, and, well, just amazing.

Thank you!

Bill, Tanya and Polina Mateo

Bill Mateo

Akademika Anokhina 4/1

Apt 121

Moscow, 119602 Russia




Dear Mr Nguyen Trong Pham

My family and I wish to express our thanks to you and your wonderful staff for making our holiday in your country a very special occasion.

If I may start firstly with our arrival in Hanoi where we were met by Mr Huy and driver Mr Tang (I think that is his name). We were taken to our hotel and settled in with Mr Huy’s assistance and had a much needed restful night.

The next morning Mr Huy introduced us to Mr Cong who was to guide us around Hanoi . Mr Cong was an excellent guide and imparted much of his knowledge to us. Our brief time spent with him was very enjoyable and also an immense learning experience for our whole family.

The visit you arranged for us to Halong Bay , and the two nights on the junk, was a highlight of our holiday. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth and will provide us will life long memories of a wonderful experience. The staff, guides, food and conditions on the junk were exceptionally good and we would recommend this part of the trip to anyone contemplating a visit to Vietnam .

After returning to Hanoi and having some free time where were again met by Mr Huy and accompanied by him on the overnight train to Dong Hoi. We went to the Phong Nha Caves and once again we were amazed by the natural beauty of this place. I have been through many limestone caves and these are by far the most magnificent I have ever seen. Anyone who has an interest in such caves must see them, even people who are claustrophobic, as I am, should not be too intimidated by the caves due to the sheer size of the caverns.

We then travelled to Hue where Mr Huy acted as our guide and once again we experienced a very informative and at times emotional experience.

At our request after some discussion with Mr Huy he arranged for us to change one of our nights in Hue to a night in Hoi An, which was not originally on our itinerary (at our request). We were very grateful for his effort and enjoyed our visit to Hoi An.

We parted with Mr Huy and travelled to Nha Trang where we spent some time resting and relaxing on the beautiful beach and eating at the cafes and restaurants. Nha Trang is a wonderful city and location and we all loved the experience.

Our next port of call was Ho Chi Minh City where we were met by our guide Pham Hanh. We spent the next day with her and she gave us another wonderfully informative and enjoyable tour of the city.

We then left Ho Chi Minh City to go to Phu Quoc Island for three days which were enjoyable but we felt not a nice as Nha Trang. This was once again a location we requested to go to and arranged it for ourselves.

We returned to Australia from Ho Chi Minh on Saturday evening.

We wish to acknowledge the outstanding package that you put together for us. The hotels were all of high quality but within our budget request. Your guides and drivers were of exceptionally high quality and although I understand Mr Huy filled in a short notice, he did an outstanding job for us. Our guide, Mr Cong, was also exceptional and along with Ms Pham Hanh in Ho Chi Minh. Due to the time we spent with Mr Huy and Ms Pam Hanh we formed what we felt was a personal friendship with them and we will keep in touch with them both in the future.

Once again thank for all your effort in making our family holiday in Vietnam a most special occasion which we will treasure forever. The places we visited and more importantly the people of Vietnam have been an inspiration to our family and we thank you all.

It is our hope that we will be able to return one day and when we do we will arrange everything through Tailormade Vietnam Holidays and we will certainly recommend your company to any friends who are considering a visit to your beautiful country.

Our kindest regards,

The Stephens Family

Bethanga, Victoria, Australia



Hello Pham
I have many wonderful things to say about our trip- it all went absolutely to plan- our guide, airport meeting people, village hosts and drivers were fantastic- it is a great shame for anyone to visit the north of Vietnam and not go up to Sapa. We had no idea of what Tailormade Vietnam Holidays was about but your website looked fantastic, your response to my emails was prompt and efficient, and the trip went really well. We are a really fit 54 and 55 yr old couple. A lot of people our age would not cope with this trip- especially the mud at this time of yr - if I have one suggestion it would be to make people more aware of how difficult it is. It was after the trip that we read about it being in the "moderate / hard" category. We could certainly have spent more time up there and may well return- and in the meantime we will be recommending your company.
Many thanks for making it a success for us.
Best regards
Jos Benner - Australia


Dear Mr. Pham,
Last night we came back home after a 12 days tour in your very interesting country and 3 more days in amazing Hong-Kong.
As upsetting as we were due to the "incident", I didn't let it spoil the rest of our trip, which was very enjoyable indeed. Money is a very- but it's not the most- important thing in life and we kept on with our plans and implemented them to a perfection.
Having said that, it is my pleasant duty to tell you that I found you as a very reliable, honest and a trustworthy person. Your emails to me were very accurate.
I'd like to send you a little token of appreciation for all the work you've done and concern you showed.
Getting back to your program in Sapa I have three comments to make:

1. Sho was wonderful .
2. The time we tracked between the villages( two and a half hours) , on the second day- was too short. It was very enjoyable but I could have walked for another two hours.
3. If one is coming back from Sapa to Ha Noi and has to proceed by flying to other parts of the country, it is recommendable that he should take an earlier flight than the one we took ( 1200 to Danang) and save himself useless waiting.


Dorron Beckerman (Israel)


Dear Nguyen,

Our trip to Vietnam was excellent. Our guide Ly was there to meet us from the overnight train and did an excellent job. She shared local knowledge and was very friendly and helpful, showing respect and also having a good sense of humor. Unfortunately at the end of the tour Ly was left behind at the train station by the taxi driver and had some difficulty obtaining a lift back to Sapa. I hope she arrived home safely that night.

I have one suggestion to improve the experience. The hotel itself was very good but the road that lead to it was very bad, making it diffficult at during the day and dangerous at night. A more centrally located hotel would have enabled us to discover more of Sapa town.

Thank you again and we hope to visit Vietnam again.

Yours sincerely,
Kathleen Humphrey - Australia

Dear, Huy

We arrived good and safe back in Thailand and we are looking back on a pleasant 1 week stay in Vietnam.

Our last guide, Mss Phuong, asked us to fill in a feedback form on the way to the airport, witch i didn't do, i told her i prefer to send you an e-mail with my comments. I hope my comments can help to upgrade your service for future guests.

First of all congratulations for the perfect organisation of the whole tour. All guides and drivers were always on time, the whole trip runs smoothly. No complains about transportation vehicles, drivers or guides.

The accommodation was surprisingly very good. Only, breakfast in Hanoi A1 hotel was very poor compared with the very good breakfast in Tan Hai Long 1 hotel Sai Gon. Maybe 1 suggestion, give your guest an hotel-voucher for the Tan Hai Long hotel, because both time we checked-in there, they had to search very long to find our reservation.

Then our personal view on the excursions. This is what we feel (maybe other guests will think different):

The reason we booked an private tour and not a group tour, was in the hope that we would have the chance to explore a little more of the country-side. To have a closer view on the way of living of the Vietnamese people. I know with big groups, you need to fix a schedule, but when go private you should be more flexible.

Especially our visit to Mekong Delta was a big disappointment for us. Our day was arranged just the same as the big tour buses: mass-tourism. On the way to Mekong delta, we passed many coffee shops with hammock-seats for the guests. This is something very unique and not seen ever before for us, instead of giving us a stop in one of these places; 5 minutes before arriving on the mekong river, we stopped in an tourist-booby trap place to have a drink (or buy a souvenir). I preferred to have a coffee stop in one of the typical shops along the road! Also very unique to this area is the Cao Dai religion with there beautiful and colourful temples, we pass 2 of them along the road, why not stop to visit one???? (Maybe you do this in another excursion, but when you have clients coming only 1 week, you have to be more flexible and not stick to your routine-programme.) Also visiting the Delta was disappointing, take the boat, cross the river, 2 minutes on a horse, 5 minutes in a paddle-boat, lunch and cross the river again and that was it! I was hoping to see some daily life around the Delta, visit some villages, see fisherman busy: the only thing we see was Vietnamese very busy with serving the foreigner guests: mass tourism!

One more thing we didn't like about this day was all the "tipping". Money destroy the world, with introducing these tipping into your trips, you will destroy your people! We were lightly forced by our guide to tip every person we met on this trip (the boats man, the horse driver, the paddle woman, our driver, etc) and you can see already on their face that when you give them "only" 1 dollar: that instead of getting a happy "thank you" face, you only get back an disappointing "is this all?" face. I don't like this: please make your excursion a little more expensive, give the persons who drive the boats and the horse, a little more salary and everybody will be more happy!!!!!!

Same comment on our way to Cu Chi tunnel. Why not stop on the way to see some daily life along the way? We just drive long, visit the tunnel (witch was very impressive!), and drive long back.

Same on the way to Halong Bay. We pass so many rice-plantations. This is for Westerns a very unique sight. We saw many of other buses with tourists stopping along the road to have a look and take some pictures. Our driver just continue driving like crazy on high speed (taking unnecessary risks to pass other cars, buses and trucks) to stop in another big tourist booby trap place (read: big souvenir shop) for half hour(!). I know that your company or the driver get paid (or get free food and drink) to drop us in this kind of places, but i can tell you that most of the Western tourists don't like this kind of places, Souvenirs we prefer to buy in markets with local people and not in this kind of big-money-factory's. The cruise in Halong bay was excellent and nature really blessed Vietnam with such a wonderful creation!

Overall, we are left with a great impression of your country. All people we met were friendly and helpful (i hope for the country you can keep your nature because like i said, the desire to cash easy tourist-money is already threatening this). We do want to come back very soon to explore more of the country life. Now, because of our short travel time, we had to limit to the 2 big city Hanoi and Saigon, but the upper North and the Centre are interesting us to explore as well, only we hope we can find a better way to do this on a more flexible way with the chance to see the real country life.

One last thing, but nothing you can do about this: our ears still hurting because of the unnecessary (and very disturbing) day and night noise from all the cars and motorbikes: tuuuut tuuuuut, toeeett, toeeet...............

Lots of greetings and thanks for the good service,

Thierry (Belgium) and Mallika (Thailand)

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