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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Tailormade Vietnam Holidays would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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Frequently asked questions


How can I book a domestic airline flight?

To search for domestic tickets within Vietnam, please select the destination city, arrival city, the dates and whether it is one-way or a return ticket. Then, please select from the available price and schedule options and proceed to bookings.
Currently, we cannot check availability of these flights online. To inquire about a flight, please either book the flight with payment information and we will wait to charge you until after the flight has been confirmed, or contact us.



How can I book an international airline flight?

Currently we do not have a search for international flights (coming soon!), but we can arrange flights that depart from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
To inquire about these international flights, please contact us either by email to contact@tailormadevietnamholidays.com or chat live with our sales executives. Please remember to indicate destination, dates and flights. Upon reception of your request we will advise you more details.



How can I pay?

We accept payment by cash, credit card and bank transfer.
- Cash: We can receive cash payment advance in our office
- Bank transfer: We will provide you with our banking details at the time of confirmation of the booking.
- Credit Card: We will only proceed with the payment after reconfirming with you. For your protection, we will need you to sign the receipt of the credit card payment upon delivery and verify with a legal identification (e.g. passport, card’s copy) received before charging your credit card. We will inform you in advance of purchase of any credit card fees that may apply. For international tickets, we only accept the imprint method payment proceeded in our office in Hanoi or HCMC.



When do I need to pay?

Some airline carriers allow us to hold bookings for a limited period of time before paying for the ticket and issuing it. Generally, all airline tickets must be paid for before ticketing and delivery.



What happens if I make a booking and then do not confirm or pay?

When you make an airline booking, we can hold the booking for a limited period of time, which depends on the availability of the flight and the airline. If we have not received confirmation from you after two emails or faxes, we will automatically cancel the booking. If you confirm the booking but arrange to issue and pay the ticket later, we will inform you of the deadline for payment. If you do not make payment before this deadline, the booking will be automatically cancelled



Cancellation –Amendment

What if need to cancel or change my itinerary?

Unless tickets have not been issued, your reservation can be cancelled by notifying us by email or phone. No charge will apply (same as for modification). Otherwise, please contact us directly by phone if less than 24 hours in advance and by email or phone if more than 24 hours in advance. Charges will depend on the policies of the airline with which you are booked. We will inform the cancellation policy of the airline before you purchase your tickets.




When is high season?

Traditional high season starts 1st October and lasts until end of April.



Do you have electronic air tickets?

At present, domestic airlines originating from Vietnam issue E-tickets together with few international flights departing from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. If an electronic ticket is available, we will issue an electronic ticket instead of a paper ticket, unless a paper ticket is specifically requested by the customer. Electronic tickets will be emailed or faxed to the customer.



How can I receive delivery of a paper airline ticket?

The method and cost of delivery of ticket will depend on your location and your preferences.
- For customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, we offer free delivery of your tickets to your local residence or office address.
- For customers in Vietnam but outside of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, tickets will be delivered by EMS at the customer’s expense.
- For customers outside Vietnam, tickets can be purchased in advance and held for delivery later to a hotel or resort or can be shipped internationally at the time of purchase. For delayed delivery to a hotel or resort, a charge of $5.00 per delivery will apply. International shipping is available by Federal Express, DHL or a local provider within Vietnam at the customer’s choice, and all shipping fees will be paid by the customer.



Why are the prices not guaranteed for my booked air itinerary?

The airline reserves the rights to change the fares at any time; taxes and airport fees can also be changed at any time. We will inform you of the fare at the time that you inquire about the booking, but the fare is not guaranteed until the time that you issue the ticket.
I just received my ticket and there is a problem with it.



I just received my ticket and there is a problem with it. What should I do?

Please inform us immediately



Can I make payment for someone else using a credit card?

Yes, you can. But for your security, we will need some supporting documents that will be instructed very carefully.




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