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Mai Chau valley


Located 140 km North West of Hanoi, Mai Chau has a cool and fresh climate throughout the year.

Most inhabitants are White Thai and Muong, with its convenient tranport system, beautiful scenery, Mai Chau has long been famous for eco tourism.

At the foot of the mountain, stilt houses come between even areca trees, amongst the stone walled fish ponds, flaring flowers, in the early morning or sunset, smoke from the kitchens come together with mountain mist making a fanciful scenery. Mai Chau is not only attractive to domestic but also foreign tourists with famous sites such as Lac village, Sam Khoe hot spring, Tong Dau lake, Song Da reservoir....

Ecotourism is served by white Thai people, right in the village, better known is Lac and Pom Coong. The silt houses are built about 1.5m above the ground, made from hard wood. Touists are invited to wash their legs before going up stairs, floors are made from bamboo or wooden panels, roof is covered with coconut leaves. a handle loom is placed in front of every house for young girls to practise weaving

Travellers can sit on flowers painted mats, drink Ruou Can (pipe wine) made from sticky rice. Mai Chau is famous for steamed glutinous rice, after a friendl conversation, guests are invited to try some speciality of steamed rice. Rice cooked in bamboo pipes is fragrant and flexible

Along the village paths, brocade products are on sales everywhere, very colourful and interesting, typical of Thai people. At night time, after dinner, young and old women dancing around a fire, tourists are invited to join their bamboo dancing....




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