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Vietnam bank notes


Vietnam bank notes


The local currency in Vietnam is Dong (VND). At the time of writing, 1 USD is around 20,050 VND. Local VND or USD are both accepted. Banks are open Monday to Friday and some open on Saturday morning. In main cities, travelers' cheques can be exchanged at banks and some exchange bureau, but this can be very difficult in small towns. ATMs can be found in major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, Hoian, Haiphong so do not depend on any kind of bankcards ( e.g. credit cards...) as your main source of funds.

Bank notes are: 100d , 200d and 500d (too small value - rarely used); 1,000d; 2,000d; 5,000d; 10,000d, 20,000d, 50,000d and 100,000d (each has two versions - cotton and polymer), 200,000d and 500,000d. Coins have recently come into circulation but not widely been accepted due to inconvenience, including: 200d; 500d; 1,000d; 2,000d and 5,000d. Their photos are as below.


500.000 VND 25 USD
200.000 VND 10 USD
100.000 VND 5 USD
50.000 VND 2.5 USD
20.000 VND 1 USD
10.000 VND 0.5 USD
5.000 VND 0.25 USD
2.000 VND  
1.000 VND  
500 VND  


500.000 VND

500.000 Vietnam Dong


200.000 VND

200.000 Vietnam Dong


100.000 VND

100.000 Vietnam Dong


50.000 VND

50.000 Vietnam Dong


20.000 VND

20.000 Vietnam Dong


10.000 VND

10.000 Vietnam Dong


5000 VND

5000 Vietnam Dong


2000 VND

2000 Vietnam Dong


1000 VND

1000 Vietnam Dong


500 VND

500 Vietnam Dong


200 VND

200 Vietnam Dong



Bank coins:


Coin 5000 Vietnam Dong


Coin 2000 Vietnam Dong


Coin 1000 Vietnam Dong

Coin 500 Vietnam Dong






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