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The Spirit of Adventure


Once named the Jewel of the Far East, Vietnam remains one of the most popular travel destinations in South East Asia. Whether it is a trip to explore or discover, whether it is action-based or simply lazing about, the adventure of Vietnam awaits.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil lakes and pagodas and thousands of years of history in Hanoi. Admire the beautiful and unique Sapa region, and its people unspoiled by modernization. Get lost in the fairy land of Halong Bay with over 3000 islands and emerald water. Take a boat trip to the Perfume River and discover Citadel with its palaces that stood the test of time. Spoil yourself in Hoi An with its cultural heritage and endless shopping. Explore the trendsetting Ho Chi Minh City with its modern day richness combined with timeless architecture and dramatic traces of war. Experiment the unforgettable taste of Vietnamese cuisine and meet the wonderful and fun-loving Vietnamese people, who will add a colourful dimension to your trip. Whatever the desire and aspiration, Vietnam will embrace, inspire and make your experience an affair to remember.